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8 Reasons Why Hatchbacks May Be The Perfect Car For Inner-City Driving

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Why hatchback cars are good for inner city driving

“The bulk of hatchbacks serve as a lightweight, fuel-efficient way to make the most of not much.”

Versatility and practicality are two considerations that have long made hatchbacks a favorite in the European auto market, where this body type’s exterior compactness and massive cargo space are major selling points.

And while we haven’t always been a hatchback-loving nation, the hatchback’s amazing suitability in the context of a modern, urban lifestyle is making Americans stop to take a second look before they blindly choose a traditional sedan on autopilot. After years of owning SUVs and crossovers, we are finally beginning to understand why these stylish hatchbacks are truly the ultimate urban warrior — negotiating narrow lanes, small parking spots and tight turns way more effortlessly, and affording endless storage space at a time when people seem to carry half their life’s possessions inside their car.

Here are 8 reasons why hatchbacks are enjoying a renaissance of sorts among American car buyers, and why it may just be the right, multitasking car to suit your own, busy lifestyle:

# 1: Incredible Storage Space

Hatchbacks come in all sizes. But the crucial aspect they all share is that the whole rear end opens up to allow full access to the trunk. In fact, some small hatchbacks have more cargo room than a mid-sized sedan. With that degree of accessibility, it is no surprise that hatchbacks are a very practical choice for family cars. Or for people who are often on the road and need to carry a lot of luggage, sporting equipment etc. with them.

# 2: Superior Interior Volume

Hatchbacks also have rear seats that fold down, so you can load bigger items – like slabs of bedroom furniture parts from Ikea – without wishing that you owned a truck! And while many other cars also come with split-folding rear seats, hatchbacks make the most advantage of this flexible, people-or-cargo room because of their superior interior volume.

# 3: Compact Exterior

In spite of the fact that the interiors of hatchbacks are remarkably roomy, the exterior does not increase in dimension on account of it. In terms of footprint, hatchbacks are often smaller than similar sedans, and this is a great plus point if you live in busy cities where parking is always a hassle.

# 4: More Headroom

The roofline of hatchbacks is slightly higher than a sedan, which means that people can sit more comfortably in the backseat without having to hunch over.

# 5: Superior Visibility

There is more glass area because hatchbacks are usually more upright than sedans. This feature allows for bigger windows, and therefore improved visibility. The rear windows are more upright too, improving visibility from the rear view mirror.

# 6: Windshield Wipers On The Rear Window

Because the rear window is not styled at an angle, hatchbacks can have windshield wipers for the back window, which is a further blessing during bad weather conditions like rain and snow.

# 7: Practical For New Drivers

The shorter stature of hatchbacks means these cars have a shorter hood, which helps drivers – especially new drivers – to gauge where the car ends more accurately and avoid car park collisions.

# 8: Good Resale Value

A lot of hatchback models maintain 58% of their value after three years, compared to the industry average of 35%.

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