Summer Driving: 13 Hacks To Stay Cool In The Sweltering Heat

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Summer driving is a lot of fun, which is why people plan maximum road trips around this time. But once in your car with many days and hours of driving ahead, the sun and heat can become serious killjoys. To negotiate extreme hot weather and make summer driving a lot more comfortable, read on:

# 1: DON’T GET SCORCHED BY A HOT STEERING WHEEL: Often, when you return to your parked car, you find that the steering wheel is too hot to touch. To avoid this, turn the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car. That way, the side you touch is safely in the shade while you’re out.

# 2: REMOVE THE HOT CAR STINK: A major problem with summer driving is that the heat can make cars quite stinky.To get rid of the smell, tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning. Keep a box of dryer sheets under the passenger seat to deodorize as needed when you travel.

# 3: DRIVE WITH WET HAIR: As the dampness evaporates from your hair, your scalp stay cool and it will also bring down your body temperature a little bit.

# 4: DRIVE BAREFOOT: If it is not illegal in your state, try staying barefoot if you’re going to do many hours of summerdriving. It may feel weird at first, but the body releases a lot of heat through the feet. Alternately, you can try wearing flip-flops.

# 5: USE ICE STRATEGICALLY: A block of ice on the floorboards under a vent will help keep the interiors cool on a hot, sunny day. This hack is derived from what residents in Arizona actually used for car air-conditioning in the Fifties. To mange prevent the melting ice, use a pan to collect run-offs. Open a window a little will help with air flow.

# 6: BRING A FEW FROZEN BOTTLES OF WATER: If you’re on a road trip and carrying bottles of water, freeze a few beforehand and wrap with towels. Use to cool off by placing behind your neck etc. When the water has melted, drink ice-cold water to get relief from the heat.

# 7: SUPPLEMENT INTERIOR COMFORT WITH SOLAR-POWER CAR FANS: If your car’s AC is not working hard enough, you can try using solar-powered car fans. They’re built small and can be mounted on an open window to expel hot air from the car while creating constant air circulation. (Remember that tinted windows interfere with this gadget’s function.)

# 8: KNOW THE TINTED WINDOW ALLOWANCE LAW: Tinted windows allow the car to stay cooler when in motion.They allow light to pass through, but bounces some off. The amount reflected is depends on how dark the tint is. Keep in mind that at least 70% of light needs to pass through the tint in order for it to be legal in the United States.  Check your state’s regulations for tinted windows by clicking here.

# 9: GET SOME MATLLIC ACCORDION SUN SHADES: Stretch metallic sunshades across the windshield and back seat window. They can reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle by as much as 40%, and shorten the time it will take to cool it again.

# 10: THROW A BLANKET ON THE SEAT: If you don’t have sunshades, cover the seats with a blanket when you step out of the car. The seats will not get heated by the direct sunlight.

# 11: WIPE DOWN WITH MOIST CLEANING SHEETS: Wiping the steering wheel, sear shift and buckles down with a sheet of wet wipe will help the accumulated heat in them evaporate quickly.

# 12: CRACK OPEN THE WINDOWS: Leaving the windows open by just a tiny crack will ventilate the vehicle while you are out.

# 13: DON’T LEAVE THINGS LYING AROUND INSIDE THE CAR: Not just food and perishables. The sun can also affect CDs, DVDs, electronic devices, toys etc. Put these items in the trunk.

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