10 Easy Ways To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh For Longer


Whoever said `beautiful things don’t last forever’ must have been thinking about fresh-cut flowers. Because even as they’re looking beautiful in a vase display in your living room, the sad truth is they’re dying. The dying process began as soon as their stems were cut, but it is still possible to hold onto that beauty for a whole lot longer by treating cut flowers to some tender loving care. And choosing them well:


# 1: Buy Your Flowers From A Busy Florist

1 Buy flowers from a busy florist

If you’re buying flowers for a party at home or to gift somebody, try to choose a really busy florist. That way, you won’t be selecting a less-than-fresh bunch because the shop has a lot of customers, and therefore the flowers have a higher probability of being fresh.


# 2: Keep Stems Moist While Coming Home

2 Keep stems moist to keep cut flowers fresh

Don’t wait to put the flowers in water after you bring them home. Ask your florist to wrap each stem in wet paper towel before you take them out of the shop.


# 3: Trim The Stems For A Fresh Cut

3 Re trim the stems

Though florists keep flowers watered, the ends of the stems could be dried out and therefore unable to absorb enough water. Always re-cut the ends yourself – at a 45 degree angle – before placing in water.


# 4: The Trimming Is Best Done UnderWater

4 Cut stems under water to keep flowers fresh

Hold the stems under a flowing tap while cutting, to prevent air from leaking in. Also, it does sounds like a lot of chore, but regularly trimming the end is very beneficial to the health and longevity of your flower arrangement.


#5: Take Leaves Off The Bottom Of Stems

5 Pluck leaves off the ends to keep flowers fresh for longer

Before you put the flowers in water, make sure to take off all the leaves that will be submerged. It will help keep the water clear and not require frequent changing.


# 6: Always Use A Clean Vase

6 Use a clean vase to keep flower fresh longer

Don’t just pick out an empty vase from the shelf and fill it with water. Make sure that you wash it again with soap and warm water to remove any invisible bacterial agent lingering inside that can flourish when water and flowers stems are introduced.


#7: Keep Your Flower Arrangement Cool

7 use ice cubes to cool vase water

Flowers stay fresh in cooler temperatures, so try to avoid direct sunlight or sources of heat like fireplaces and heat vents. If the weather is really hot, slip a cube of ice in the vase. Your flowers will surely thank you for the relief!


# 8: Add Clear Sodas Like 7-Up Or Sprite

Add soda in the water to help flowers stay fresh

Non-diet clear sodas help cut flower stay fresh for longer. Add about ½ cup of soda to the water in the vase, and enjoy your blooms for several extra days.


#9: Spritz Your Blooms With Hair Spray


Set fresh cut flowers with hair spray

Aim the nozzle of your hair spray bottle upwards, and – very lightly — spray the bouquet from the bottom, catching the underside of the petals and leaves from a little distance away.


# 10: Add Apple Cider Vinegar And Sugar

Add apple cider vinegar and sugar in the vase water to keep flowers fresh

Mix apple cider vinegar and sugar in equal parts and fill ¼ of the vase with it. Top up with water. Remember to empty the vase and pour in a new mix every few days.



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