Tea Therapy: Beat The Tennessee Summer Heat With These 7 Refreshing Brews


Did you know how useful a cup of therapeutic tea can be to fight all kinds of weather-related physical and mental problems? Our scorching Tennessee summers are not gentle on the mind and body, because of which we suffer from post-lunch sleepiness, early afternoon sluggishness, headache, indigestion etc. But `tea therapy’ is fast becoming popular in Tennessee these days as a way to fight symptoms of heat exhaustion, and we’ve curated some of the best teas out there if you suffer chronically from weather-related ailments that stop you from being productive or enjoying your life to the fullest:

# 1: Tea Therapy For Morning Alertness

Traditional Guayusa Tea
By Runa


 Guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) is an Amazonian super-leaf naturally packed with caffeine and polyphenols, to provide high alertness and clean, focused energy. There are no harsh chemicals in guayusa, and the brew does not make you feel burnt out and jittery afterwards. An early-morning ritual in Amazonian forest Kichwa families, the brew keeps hunter-gathers alert all day. Find this tea here.

# 2: Tea Therapy For Afternoon Energy Slump

Organic Sencha Green Tea
By Eden


• Hand picked first spring tea leaves steamed and twice rubbed to capture its cherished green, aroma, flavor, and antioxidant catechins. Fight the afternoon energy slowdown with this green tea that stimulates, even as it freshens breath and helps fight tooth decay — perfect for after lunch! Find this tea here.

# 3: Tea Therapy For Anxiety

Lemongrass Herbal Tea
By Teatulia


• Each corn silk pyramid tea bag contains lemongrass stalks and bay leaves that brew to create a lemony sweet flavor with a soft, light citrus aroma. Each whole leaf pyramid bag can be brewed 2 or 3 times. Buy this tea here.

# 4: Tea Therapy For Stress Relief

Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soothing Serenity Blend
By Yogi Tea


• Deep relaxation herbs like lavender, chamomile and lemon balm combine in this delicious blend to soothe the mind and body during a stressful workday. Brew a cup for yourself, and breathe deeply into the aroma of this tea as you sip. Soon, the worst of those knotty tensions will simply fade away. Find this tea here.

# 5: Tea Therapy For Upset Stomach

Pure Chamomile Flower Tea
By Dilmah


• This mild, relaxing tea contains oils that relax muscles in the stomach. Three cups daily will ease indigestion, irritable bowel problems, and colitis. The subtle flavor of chamomile is concentrated in the flower and this infusion offers the pure infusion of the chamomile flower, without leaves and stem. Find this tea here.

# 6: Tea Therapy For Headache

Rosemary Leaf Tea
By Alvita


• This fragrant spice-shelf herb not only perks up roasts and poultry, it can also ward off certain kinds of stress-induced headaches. Because rosemary tea helps keep blood vessels dilated, it can prevent headaches caused by vasoconstriction (when blood vessels narrow). Early Arabian physicians are credited as the first to recommend the fragrant herb as a tea. Find this tea here.

# 7: For Heat-Induced Nausea

Pure Peppermint Tea
By Twinings


• Fresh or dried, mint tea is a super way to ease stubborn indigestion and gas and to quell nausea and vomiting. Do not use other mints, such as spearmint, because only true peppermint contains the digestive aid menthol. Find this tea here.


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