5 Authentic Italian Pizza Toppings You Hardly Ever Find In Tennessee


As long as there’s pepperoni, there’s a lot to be grateful for, but in every faithful, American pizza-lover’s life, there comes a time when he/she wonders if there is more…

More than just pepperoni and mushrooms and sausages and onions.

Well, there is. In fact, there’s a lot of authentic Italian pizza toppings that we don’t even know exists. Mainstream pizzerias are too stuck in America’s well-loved pizza traditions to look beyond borders for new inspirations, but if you do want to experiment with uniquely Italian toppers, you can easily do that at home:

 # 1: Burrata Cheese Topping

Instead of mozzarella, use burrata, a semi-soft and creamy Italian cheese. Burrata (means `buttered’) is made of mozzarella and cream, and therefore has a far richer flavor than the latter. Slice a ball of burrata open and the creamy, buttery insides just spill out, spreading fantastic flavor all over the pizza. When buying burrata, remember that the cheese is past its prime after the first 48 hours. Store at room temperature.


 Find the recipe here.


 # 2: Truffles Topping

These mysteriously-scented mushrooms are not just fungus; they are a sensory explosion that’s almost pornographic in its intensity of unforgettable smell and flavor. The mushroom is seasonal and horridly expensive, but you can always buy truffle-infused products like salts, butters, pastes and oils that impart a great truffle experience. Be careful not to buy artificial truffle products though. The scent, bizarrely, is easy to replicate in a lab and there’s a lot of synthetic infusions out there in the market.


• Find the recipe here.


 # 3: White Anchovies Topping

White anchovies are a classic Italian pizza topping. They cost more than the usual brown ones and are much milder in flavor. A typical Italian pizza with white anchovies may not have any other richly-flavored ingredient – like cheese – on it and simply go with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano.


• Find the recipe here.


 # 4: Potato Topping

Unlike most other tomato-topped pizzas you get in Rome, a potato pizza – Potato Bianca — is simply topped with olive oil, salt, and rosemary. The potatoes are sliced so thin that they basically melt into a creamy layer of potato goodness.


• Find the recipe here.


# 5: Pumpkin Topping

Like sweet potatoes and other squashes, the key to intense pumpkin flavor is a good, slow roast. Not only does this improve sweetness through browning and caramelization, it also promotes a second layer of sweetening. Rendering the flavor more complex.


• Find the recipe here.

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