6 Drives Tennesseans Enjoy Taking To Celebrate Spring

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Spring is a gorgeous time to be alive in Tennessee. Nature tips her bountiful basket on the state and Tennesseans are abuzz with springtime activities that set the social tone for the rest of their year.

There are some very quintessential things Tennesseans do at springtime that fascinates out-of-towners because they express some unique aspects of the TN lifestyle. Here are some that we find fascinating too:

# 1: Drive To The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens In Nashville


The 55-acre estate on the western edge of Nashville is awash with more than 150,000 blooms, such as magnolias, redbuds, snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, dogwood etc. And Tennesseans make a point of welcoming the flowers over five weekends of entertainment and family fun.

# 2: Drive To The Grocery Store For Banana Pudding Ingredients


Tennesseans revisit their love for banana puddings with renewed anticipation, once spring sets in. The Southern comfort dessert, consisting of layers of vanilla custard, cookies and fresh banana topped with whipped cream or meringue, is a TN specialty. The state even hosts cook-off for best banana puddings and Puddin’ Paths where you can sample the sweet treat made by local experts.

# 3: Drive To Clothing Stores To Pick Out Suitable Wedding Wear


May is the month when everybody likes to get married in Tennessee. So locals have to shop early in the season to make sure they look their best at the many springtime weddings they will surely be invited to.

# 4: Drive Out To See Fireflies In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It’s a mind-blowing sight. Millions of synchronized fireflies (also called lightning bugs) gather in the Smoky Mountain National Park, shining like a sea of sparkling diamonds among the trees and bushes in the dark. The peak mating season (when this display is at its best) usually occurs between end of May and early June. Best viewing hours is between 7 pm – 10 pm.

# 5: Drive Out To Cheer On The Nashville Sounds


Although Tennesseans do not have a pro national league of their own, there is always the minor league baseball team: the Nashville Sounds.

#6: Drive Over To Socialize On The Porch


Come spring, and everybody is out on their front porches, drinking sweet tea, waving at passersby and socializing with friends and relatives who have come over to hang out on their porches with them.

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