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Why Do Women Find Jeeps So Irresistibly Attractive?


For 75 years now, Americans have been in love with Jeeps. In spite of all the modern SUVs and trucks out there, it is this throwback vehicle from the World War II days that commands the impressive cult following of over 350 million people worldwide. And nothing ever changes with the basic Jeep MB/CJ/Wrangler either because it’s fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s easy to see why the gritty, grimy Jeep – with its well-earned spurs as off-roading hero — appeals to so many men. But women?

If you weren’t aware of it, a curious fact about Jeeps is that women are as fascinated by the boxy, four-wheel-drive as all the Jeep fanboys out there, and for pretty much the same reasons:


# 1: Jeeps Make Women Feel Strong And Unpredictable

• Sitting behind the wheels of a rugged Jeep, designed to go places where a gentler vehicle wouldn’t dare go, women feel empowered by the muscularity and fitness of their drive. There is a subliminal connection between car and driver, and fun-loving women with a spirit of daredevilry enjoy the challenge of owning and mastering a Jeep.


# 2: Jeeps Make Women Feel Free

• The big difference between purpose-built cars – sedans, for example, as commuters, SUVs as people carriers, trucks as haulers and towers etc – is that Jeeps can go anywhere and do anything. The vehicle suggests an elevated sense of freedom because it isn’t restricted by conditions it was purpose-built for. And their removable tops mean you can enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair whenever you want to!


# 3: Women Like The Fact That “No Two Jeeps Are Alike”

• Jeep has the highest number of aftermarket accessories built specifically for it. Most of these are for the Wrangler of course, but the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Liberty and some other models have aftermarket parts customized for them too.

This means you can do a whole lot more to create your dream Jeep – one that reflects your personality, tastes and lifestyle – than you can with any other vehicle. And not just customization after purchase either. At the dealership itself, you’re spoilt for choice between, say, a hard top, soft top, colored top or no top at all for a Wrangler. The doors can be standard, removable full-frame or removable half-frame. You can augment off-road performance with additions like winch bumpers and guard rails. The list goes on… With a Jeep, the opportunities to build on and build after are seemingly endless.


# 4: Women Are Assured Of Its Durability

• Durability of Jeeps is a historical fact. The vehicle carried World War II on its large wheels, withstanding roughest terrains while plowing through rocks, mud, sand and water, and other than some superficial upgrades, its manufacture is still as solid as it was when Jeeps were in military use. Jeep Wranglers are one of the few four-wheel-drives rated for off-road use, with heavy-duty suspension, sturdy front and rear axles and loads of flex.


# 5: Women Love Being Part Of The Jeep Culture

• Jeep ownership gives you access to a sub-culture of `Jeepers’, who bond and built networks with like-mind Jeep lovers the world over. Women enjoy being part of such a hallowed group that makes sure that the Jeep lifestyle never stagnates or gets boring or old.




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