7 `Photo Pillow’ Ideas That Take Decorative Self-Expression To A Whole New Level

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The easiest and cheapest way to liven up a room is to add – or switch out – some decorative throw pillows. They’re like oxygen to home décor, providing unexpected pops of interesting colors and textures that instantly revives an old and tired décor scheme.

At Gas Pedal Living, we’re having a lot of fun with throw pillows this week. In fact, we’re designing our own `photo pillows’ with some easy-to-use tools we found on this nifty photo-product website called Collage.com.

The interface is pretty simple. All you have to do is feed photos of your choice into the website’s `pillow builder’, and out pops these decorative throw pillows with plush inserts and a crisp, high-resolution print of the image/images you submitted on top. Go with a single picture or create a collage with several, and their software will lay them out exactly as you like it.

Nobody needs to be an artist or a designer to make their own photo pillows here. If you have opposable thumbs and can take photos with your smart phone you automatically qualify.

We checked out some fabulously creative ways people have used photo pillows to make 100% customizable gifts or home décor items. And we’re sharing 7 of the neatest ideas we found to start you off on your own journey towards self-expression with a flair for whimsy, romance, humor or shameless nostalgia.

# 1: Vacations Photo Pillow


 Make a photo pillow with a favorite memory from your recent beach vacation in Cabo San Lucas, and let the warm tropical vibes of endless sunshine and golden beaches take some of the dark dreariness out of your living room in winter.

# 2: Pet Photo Pillow


 Capture the many expressions of Fido the Chihuahua on a bunch of throw pillows and enjoy watching the original lounging among them, looking well-fed and happy, on the family couch. Awww…..

# 3: Grandkid Photo Pillow


 Replace Fido The Chihuahua with cute, cuddly grandchildren, and now you have the perfect gift to delight every grandma in USA.

# 4: Artist’s Photo Pillow


 Encourage kids in their artistic talents by making a photo pillow of their best works. Or unleash your inner Frida Kahlo on an unsuspecting world and show off your own.

# 5: Wedding Photo Pillow


 Ditch the old-fashioned, framed wedding photo on your dresser with a romantic – or naughty! – moment from the day, immortalized on a throw pillow in your boudoir…

# 6: Mother’s Day Photo Pillow


 Our Moms become such sentimental creatures as they get older. The very thought that you took all the trouble of customizing a throw pillow with her pictures on it for Mother’s Day…Well, you know how difficult it will be to top such a thoughtful gift in the coming years.

# 7: Affirmation Photo Pillow


 The thing about affirmation statements is this: they don’t help at all unless they’re in front of you constantly. Print your affirmation statements on throw pillows and place them around the house where you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And then let your subconscious mind do the work of imprinting the message into your cellular memory and facilitating the positive change you hope to achieve through affirmations.

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